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RPD brings in youth and experience at swearing in ceremony


The Rockford police department is welcoming new talent to the force--- using a new method to bring some of it in. 

"Experienced officers---they're a real help to the police department. It takes a lot less training and we can get them on the street quicker," said Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea. 

Rockford police swore in seven new officers during an awards ceremony today. 

While six of them are new recruits, one is a certified officer from the South Beloit dispatch. 

This is a result of the lateral transfer program--- allowing an officer to move to a different department without having to be recertified. 

This is the first year RPD is swearing in someone from the program--adding an experienced officer to help the force. 

"Just starting fresh at a new police department," said South Beloit transfer Brandon Wells. "I'm eager to work at a larger agency professional. I'm just really eager to serve the community of Rockford." 

The six new officers are now ready to start their steps toward getting certified through police academy.

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