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Documentary made about Rita Crundwell scandal in Dixon


When a Dixon woman stole tens of millions of dollars from the city, it made news headlines all over. Now that story's been turned into a documentary.

"All the Queen's Horses"  is about former Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell and how she managed to steal $53 million. Crundwell used that money to support a lavish lifestyle. The documentary premiered  at a film festival Wednesday. It's directed by Kelly Pope,  a forensic accountant who is also a teacher at DePaul University in Chicago. Pope says she was drawn to Crundwell's story from the start.  

"When I'm not teaching I go around the country and I interview white collar felons, whistle blowers and victims of fraud. And so I take those stories and turn them into teaching content. So when the Dixon story happened I thought, wow, this would make a great feature-length documentary," said Pope.

The film is only being shown at festivals right now. 

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