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Rocks could get you free meal in Winnebago


If you notice a painted rock in the Village of Winnebago, it could be your ticket to a free meal!

First Presbyterian Church and the owner of Anna's Pizza came up with "''Bago Rocks". They scattered painted rocks around town. If you find one, you can turn it in to Anna's Pizza, Subway or Culver's for a free pizza, sub or burger. Anna's Pizza says it's a fun way to spread community pride.

"One little girl turned in a rock yesterday and she was so proud of herself. And I think her statement was, 'Why does Bago rock? Because we've got great pizza,' and of course I love that one," said Brian Weavel, owner of Anna's.

There are about 24 rocks out around town. Anna's Pizza says it'll keep circulating the rocks until September 1.

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