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Harlem takes aim at 10th straight playoff berth


The Harlem football program has been a model of consistency for the past decade. The Huskies have made the playoffs nine straight times, and come into this year with those same expectations. They're not resting on their laurels, implementing a new offseason training regimen.

"We've had a great summer," head coach Jim Morrow said. "It's a very dedicated group. I think we're off to a great start. We're further ahead than we have been most years."

The Huskies did lose the NIC-10's all-time leading rusher Brenton Shaw to graduation. But they're not worried about backfield production.

"We did lose Brenton Shaw but we have some guys that can step up and fill his shoes," senior offensive lineman Justin Nimtz said. "So I'm feeling pretty confident about our backfield this year."

The offensive line brings back several key players who look to pave the way for the guys running and passing the football. They know that leads to the overall team success Harlem has built over the past several years.

"We just have the mindset that if you're at contender you should keep going at it," senior offensive lineman Zach Harding said. "[We] aim for the top."

Harlem opens the season against Jefferson at Auburn's Wyeth Stadium.

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