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City of Rockford offers loan program to help homeowners with cost of repairs


The City of Rockford offers a loan program that could help homeowners when it comes to rehabilitation costs. It's called the Focus Rehabilitation Program.  

"We provide up to $40,000 in various loans to help them rehab their properties,"says City of Rockford Housing  Rehab specialist Andrea  Hinrichs. 

Owners can receive $25,000 in a 5-year forgivable loan.  If needed, homeowners can also get an extra $15,000 in a repayable loan. 

"We're helping neighborhoods stay strong by ownership of properties and meeting the local code. So they're not vacant they're not leaving them," says Hinrichs.

The property must be a single family, owner occupied home.  It must also be valued below $110,000.  There's also income requirements.  For example, for a household of four, the combined income of all adults must be at or below $48,550. But if you don't meet these requirements, the city says there could still be help for you.

 "Often times we are working with a lot of organizations to make sure we can provide assistance, the last thing we want to do is tell someone no."

One of those agencies the city partners with is HomeStart.  It offers free classes and one-on-one counseling on everything from how to buy a home to preventing foreclosure.

"Our services are free here, we are a non-profit," says Homestart Housing Counselor Aida Yglecias.  We're trying to partner with as many organizations, non-profits to assist  everybody and anybody that's needing the assistance at this time.  So if we can't provide the assistance we'll look for the agency that will be able to assist you in that area."

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