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Freeport community supports one of their own with basketball tournament


It's been a tough year for DaMichael Harris as he continues to recover from a life changing event.

"He was shot last year and he's had multiple times in the hospital since then," said DaMichael's aunt Valerie Cordova. 

The accident left Harris dealing with heart issues and a number of other complications. Doctors say he's lucky to be alive. 

"He's spent five times in the hospital between May and July and two of those times he was put on life support," said Cordova. 

But for now he's in high spirits. 

Friends helped Harris out, organizing a basketball tournament to raise money for the family's medical bills. 

Harris says the support is overwhelming.

"Seeing this happen is just amazing. Seeing how many friends I had come out and support me," said Harris. "It's just awesome to see how much love I have from the city and from people in the community." 

With the help of the Freeport YMCA, these teen organizers put together the benefit for Harris in just two weeks. 

Quick work they say paid off, as they watched Harris take it all in. 

"The YMCA family here is what we like to call it. We all love DaMichael, so everyone was so quick to jump on board and help out. Offer the space and offer their time," said YMCA Employee Mady Haight. 

It's a gift Harris and his family say is a blessing, sharing this event not only with friends, but with people throughout their community wanting to help. 

"Some people I don't even know. It's awesome to see they came out to support someone they possible don't even know. They just heard the story and just reached out," said Harris. 

Organizers say the benefit raised over $600 for the Harris family. Family members say Harris continues to get stronger everyday.

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