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Only on 13 News: From Melbourne to the Minors


When you go to a Beloit Snappers game this season, you'll hear a new voice on the public address system. He's a first-time intern in baseball, and came a long way to start working in the Stateline. 

Jarrah Vella-Wright loves baseball, so he pursued his first job at the Winter Meetings.

The Beloit Snappers hired him as their media relations intern, and then a 9,000 mile from his native Australia began.

"After making the decision to come to Beloit, I jumped on a plane in the middle of February."

The itinerary: Melbourne to Los Angeles to Arizona for Spring Training.

"I landed in Beloit on March 1st. Literally I get off the bus in South Beloit, come to the Beloit Snappers that evening, and I'm thrown into a mascot suit."

"Take every opportunity you get."

Jarrah's love of baseball began at a young age.

"My grandfather brought me up a big Yankee fan, I credit the Yankees winning the 2009 World Series as a big turning point there."

He went against the grain of his country's most popular sports.

"Cycling, swimming and tennis. Australian rules football, cricket, soccer are the big ones."

"I decided four to five years ago I wanted to turn it into a career, and here I am."

He does it all in Beloit. Pre-game preparation, and in-game entertainment.

"Keeps me nice and grounded all these little things. I came to Minor League Baseball because it's the raw bones of the sport. You can't beat the raw bones. You don't need the glitz and glamor to enjoy a baseball game."

He leaves Wisconsin for Melbourne in October.

"It's tough being so far away from home. You get a bit homesick here or there."

After that, Jarrah is ready for whatever comes next.

"Opportunity abounds in the other 49 states of the U.S. as well and I'll keep on embarking and riding this baseball journey wherever it may take me."

Jarrah Vella-Wright loves baseball, leaving his home nation to get a first taste of our national pastime.

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