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Camp ground sustains major damage following floods


A camp ground known to many boy scouts in the Rockford area is busy putting the pieces back together following last week's floods. 

"At one point, it kinda hits you in the gut like here we go again," Lee Binkley, a co-director with the Canyon Camp says. 

Parts of Canyon Camp -- a site known to many boy scouts from the Rockford area -- was underwater following last week's storms. After the waters began to recede, that's when camp leaders began to take a look at the damage. 

"Just utter destruction," Dick Reynolds, a co-director with the camp says. "I can't believe water can do this kind of damage."

Camp leaders say the rifle range is destroyed, some canoes are dented, others are missing and debris is in places where it shouldn't. While they say the camp has seen its fair share of floods and damage, it's never experienced anything to this magnitude. 

"The damage that was done is just unreal, Reynolds says. "It's unprecedented for our camp."

It's a setback leaders say won't stop them from moving forward and using some of those lessons they learned as a young boy scouts themselves. 

"Assessing situations, planning and executing is truly what we're going to do as we rebuild parts of camp," Dan Dick, the Vice President of the Blackhawk Council says. 

And get it back up and running for scouts to enjoy.

"It also gives me a sense of renewal because now we can do somethings and bring back and see what the excitement and end result will be of all of this," Reynolds says. 

Always prepared to take on the challenge and keep the fun-filled adventures alive. 

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