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One month after Hanley Building catches fires, investigators continue to work the case

Courtesy of Rockford Fire Courtesy of Rockford Fire

A month has passed since the historic Hanley Building went up in flames in Rockford.  Investigators are still hard at work to try to find the person or persons responsible.

"We have ruled the Hanley Building an incendiary act, so someone had to be inside that building and has taken some steps to make the fire happen," says Rockford Fire Investigator Tim Morris. 

Morris says investigators are going over the case every day.  Meeting on a weekly basis with agencies like the Rockford Police Department and State Fire Marshall. 

"Just to come up with some of the answers that we've found and to share information.  That's key to the investigation."

Morris says the department developed a strong case for what's happened, not just at the Hanley Building, but at two other Buildings on 7th Street that also went up in flames. He says they know the fires were set on purpose, and there's potentially a connection between all three.  But since it's an open investigation, he says he can't share more than that. 

"We don't have an exact tie to those buildings but they are still being investigated as possibly the same person or persons doing all three of the buildings."

But while investigators works to put the pieces together, they say they don't expect more suspicious fires like these to pop up again. 

"We don't believe that it's something the public has to have fear about right now, we believe it's something we've curbed right now , we're on the right track. We don't see it to be a normal occurrence or to see it happening again."

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