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Freeport Floods: Storm is over, but cleanup is just beginning


In Freeport, one of the hardest hit areas the city is putting in extra elbow grease to begin the cleanup. 

Since Friday night, Freeport City Manager Lowell Crow says his agencies have worked more than 800 overtime hours. He expects that number to rise because of all the damage. 

"As the sewers get inundated with water we've seen our first sewer collapse," Crow said.  

On top of that, officers are busy manning areas in the city still blocked off to the public. But, Crow says the recovery effort doesn't stop with the city ---area non profits are also stepping in. 

"If we work as separate entities --we'll never be able to get the community back up on its feet and we won't be able to recover," Crow said. 

One of those services is the Freeport Area Church Cooperative. 
Its mission is to provide food, clothing and shelter to anyone during an emergency. But, its biggest need now is bleach.

That will help disinfect and clean basements that were flooded.
The next step for the Co-Op is going door to door in the areas hit hardest. 

"The east side of our town is lower income and it has seniors and people who are disabled and who don't have some of the financial and physical resources to deal with flood waters at this magnitude," Dean Wright, the director of the FACC said.  

But at the end of the day, Crow says the coordination between the non profits and the city is crucial to keep moving forward. 

"The idea is to get recovered and the community back up and operating as quickly as possible," Crow said. 

A city and social services putting in extra hours to help a city get back on its feet. 
Other social services helping out with recovery efforts are the Salvation Army, Housing Authority and Freeport YMCA. They are handing out clean up kits, food, water and more to people affected by the floods. 

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