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Antwon Harris Leaves Highland for Division I Post


Antwon Harris has left a permanent mark on Highland Community College men's and women's basketball as a player and coach. He's now taking his talents to the Division I ranks at Longwood University.

His basketball roots run deep at HCC, all thanks to his mentor, Pete Norman.

"The things he's taught me over the years since 2005, I just learned to carry on. He gave me this opportunity, first as a volunteer coach, then an assistant coach, then the next year, as head coach."

Harris was an assistant when the Lady Cougars won the NJCAA Region IV title in 2016, and finished as a runner-up as head coach in 2017.

He's now a Longwood Lancer. The school named him an assistant coach on the women's basketball staff. His experience as a player at Winthrop is a big advantage.

"Being familiar with a conference and knowing what it takes to win championships in the Big South, I think I have a leg up on the other assistants with winning there."

Looking back, Harris cherishes his time in our community.

"I'm extremely proud to be associated with the 815. Learned a lot from everyone around here, Freeport and Rockford. It'll always have a special place in my heart, I'm always coming back. This city has given me so much, more than I've ever asked for."

It makes picking up and moving his young family that much harder as they prepare to travel to Virginia.

"When you're faced with these decisions, sacrifices will be made. It's something that makes me nervous, but it's exciting to go across country to unfamiliar territory."

Antwon Harris has been a fixture on the local basketball scene, properly preparing him for his leap to a Division I bench.

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