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Summer on the Rock: Adventure to City Market


Located in the heart of downtown Rockford, City Market has become a staple for local businesses as well as a gathering spot for friends and families. While the traditional way to get to the market is to drive or walk, Rocktown Adventures is taking a different approach to get downtown. 

The local adventure store hosts kayak tours every other Friday. The tour starts at Martin Park in Loves Park and ends in Rockford. 

Jamie  Scott is a tour guide and instructor at Rocktown Adventures. Scott said, "It was an idea to get people to come together as a community to enjoy what downtown Rockford has to offer in a unique different way." 

Customers are fitted with a kayak, life jacket as well as a paddle and are given a  full instruction. 

"Usually people are a little hesitant at first," said Scott. "Which is awesome to see people get over that. Once we get on the lagoon and onto the water people start having a really good time."

From Martin Park to City Market it gives thrill seekers a different perspective of Rockford. 

For businesses, City Market has given local shops a new perspective of how to interact with customers. 

In its 7th season, City Market has grown wildly from 20,000 visitors in it's first year to now over 100,000 visitors in a year and over 70 vendors. 

One of those vendors is Rockford Art Deli who says it was a no brainer to get involved with City Market. Owner Britney Lindgren said, "It's two blocks down the street from our store and getting people from down here who aren't walking downtown all the time made sense. We need to be here. We need to show these people what we have to offer."

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