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FBI: Rockford has higher bank robbery rates than similar-sized cities


The second bank robbery in as many weeks doubles the number of bank robberies in Rockford this year. And when it comes to these crimes, Rockford sees more than any other similar-sized city in the state. 

In less than 2 weeks, this Alpine Bank inside Schnucks was robbed twice. It's the fourth robbery in the Rockford area so far this year. 

"The numbers are down in Rockford for bank robberies, which is good," Garrett Croon with the FBI said.
But, the numbers themselves are not. In 2012, the FBI says Rockford only saw two robberies. That number jumped to nine in 2013. During the next two years, the city saw eight robberies. Then, in 2016 it spiked to 17 robberies.

That's a stark contrast to similar-sized cities. 

FBI records show in 2015, Elgin saw four bank robberies, Aurora reported two and Schaumburg only reported one. In 2016, Elgin and Aurora only saw one robbery --leaving Schaumburg with no bank robberies for that year. 

"There's really no rhyme or reason why these bank robberies occur in the city of Rockford as opposed to Schaumburg or that there are more robberies in Naperville as opposed to Des Plains Illinois. Robberies occur and that's where robberies are occurring," Croon said.  

But, the FBI also says higher poverty levels contribute to a higher crime rate.
The most recent data from the state's Uniform Crime Report shows Schaumburg, Elgin and Aurora have a lower overall crime rate.

Rockford has a higher poverty rate compared to the other areas.

Regardless of why the city is struggling with more bank robberies, the mission for now is to catch the suspects. 

"There's plenty of business around here and there's plenty of video so we'll be busy collecting that piecing things together," Div. Chief Kevin Ogden with Rockford Police. 
Rockford police have not released any updates or surveillance footage regrading yesterday's robbery. We will bring you updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. 

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