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Calvin Carter found guilty in 2014 quadruple homicide


After three hours of deliberations a jury found Calvin Carter guilty of 133 counts of first-degree murder and home invasion in the deaths of Martia Flint, Demontae Rhodes, Tobias Smith, and Tyrone Smith. 

Moments after that verdict was read, the father of Demontae Rhodes shared these emotional words.

"Justice is when your car is stolen, and it is replaced. Justice is when your money is taken, and it is replaced. There is no justice when a life is taken. We will always have four empty seats at Christmas time. We will always have four empty seats at Thanksgiving. Where is the justice when a life is taken?”

Prosecutor Marilyn Hite Ross shared a message to anyone else facing violence in their relationship.  "Innocent people were killed in their own home for no other reason than a domestic violence situation. So what we'd like to convey is if anyone finds them in a domestic violence type of relationship to reach out so that we don't have these types of situations in the future."

The four victims were found dead in Martia Flint's duplex just days before Christmas in 2014.  Carter was Martia's ex-boyfriend. The prosecution painted Carter as jealous, controlling, and at times abusive.  Pointing to text messages and nearly 100 unanswered calls from Carter to Flint.  The state maintains that when Flint rekindled her relationship with longtime boyfriend Demontae Rhodes, Carter snapped and sought revenge. 

The defense in the case declined to comment after the verdict was read. The jury also found these crimes to be brutal and heinous, meaning this could add time to Carter's sentence.  Carter is scheduled to be sentenced September 8th. Carter faces natural life in prison. 

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