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Belvidere aldermen decided on ordinances that will affect businesses


In Belvidere, aldermen make some decisions that will affect how some of the city's businesses do business.

An ordinance that passed a month ago 9 to 1 is now reversed.  

It would've allowed sidewalk cafes to serve alcohol to customers in a fenced in area outside.  

But tonight, after several people -- including a candy store owner -- testified about the possible negative affects of the proposal -- aldermen reversed their decision.  

The ordinance fails 7 to 2.  

There is a chance it could be brought up in the future, but it's over for now, the mayor says.

Another ordinance does pass council tonight.  

The new business licensing ordinance will allow the city to ban a business if its involved in ongoing criminal enterprise.  

The mayor says the business owner goes to a hearing before a board.  

If the problem can be corrected, the business license could just be suspended.  

But if it's more serious, now the city council and mayor have the power to revoke their business license for good.  

Last September, police arrested several people on prostitution charges after a two-year investigation into massage parlors.  

The mayor says this ordinance has always been targeted toward those businesses.

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