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1-on-1 Interview with Sophie Brunner


Aquin state champion and Arizona State graduate Sophie Brunner has her sights set on Europe as she turns the page in her basketball career. She spoke one-on-one with the 13 Sports Authority about her short-term and long-term plans.

"I learned something literally everyday from them. I'll always take that from me and they're super supportive."

Sophie Brunner made the WNBA as an undrafted free agent after a strong career at Arizona State. Next stop - Italy, to play professionally overseas.

"It really just seemed like a good place to go and a good fit for me," Brunner says. "Hopefully that's true, I guess we'll find out. I'm really excited to learn a new culture, a new language, and experience a new part of the world."

Until she leaves Illinois, she's enjoying some rest and relaxation at home.

"I love where I come from. I love the people here. It's always nice to be around them, that's what makes it home, is the people."

When you ask Sophie about her on-court success, she strikes a tone of interdependence. She did not do it by herself.

"Colleen Henze is the one who helped with my fundamental skills, I went to her camps when i was young, did one-on-one work with her. A lot of credit goes to her because that's why I'm so fundamentally sound. I've had great coaches in junior high, then high school."

Brunner has her short-term plans figured out. As for the big picture, she's thinking about that too.

"I want to do something in health and nutrition and physical activity, promoting healthy living."

For now, Sophie Brunner is bringing her basketball experience five thousand miles away.

"I just have loved playing basketball, the day I don't like it is the day I'm going to stop. Until that happens, we'll see. I'm just grateful, God has been great to me. I can't thank my community, my family, and my friends enough."

They've watched Sophie Brunner go from Aquin, to Arizona State, to the WNBA, and now Europe. No matter what happens next, this is a success story to celebrate.

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