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Rockford sees slight decrease in violent crime compared to previous year


Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief Kevin Ogden saying taking down violent crime is an uphill battle. 

"It's a constant battle," says Ogden.  "It is still extremely too high."

This year there's been a slight decrease in the number of violent crimes in the city. Rockford Police say there were 1,201 violent crimes as of last month.  That's more than 100 less compared to the same time in 2016.

"I'm cautious to claim it a victory so to speak at this point it's so early."

Ogden's caution comes after a year of record violence in the city.  In 2015 it reaches its highest level this century, with more than 2,300 crimes. 

"It truly comes down to the tireless efforts of the officers on the streets, the detectives following up on these cases."

Ogden says violent criminals are usually repeat offenders.  Which is why he says officers and detectives are working non-stop to find those who are the ringleaders behind all the crime.  But he says they need the community's help sharing any information they can to catch these criminals. 

"We cannot do this alone. We rely very heavily on the community. It's good to see our efforts and the community efforts coming together and we're seeing positive results of it."

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