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Stockton Hosts 3v3 Basketball Tournament


Northern Illinois' best basketball talent, past and present, gathered at Stockton High School for this year's 3-on-3 basketball tournament, held on the July 4th holiday.

Some big names from the NIC-10, Big Northern and NUIC conferences put teams together to compete in various brackets, based on age and gender. Rockford, Freeport, and the various counties in the 13 WREX viewing area were represented on the Blackhawks pavement outdoors, and on the hardwood indoors.

"We have a lot of old faces, the Box brothers, a lot of talent. It's fun to compete so far," said 13 WREX sports director Derek Bayne, playing in the tournament and not covering it as per his typical professional duties. He took time on the holiday to enjoy participation.

"Always good to see guys from the Rockford area, the Freeport area come up here to put teams together to compete," said former Christian Life standout Joel Box.

"My team doesn't get to see each other, we're all from three different schools, it's fun to get back together and see what we can still do," said Aquin rising senior Georgia James, playing with friends from Aquin, Freeport, and Boylan.

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