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Eight-Year Old Rockford Tumbler Wins National Title


Eight-year old Jordyn Ballard of Rockford Lutheran can already lay claim to a national championship, winning a tumbling title representing Kids Spot Gym in Roscoe.

"To score two nine-nine's in a single pass at nationals is almost unheard of," says Jordyn's coach Megan Owens. "I've never seen it in all my years. We pulled Jordyn out of classes when she was four and just started her in our developmental program and she's really grown with it."

Jordyn has a smile and energetic spirit that lights up the room.

"It's very special because I get to do gymnastics and tumbling with my friends," says the young champion.

Kids Spot has established itself as a premiere school for gymnastics, tumbling, dance, and cheerleading, and now boasts a young titleholder whose ceiling is only growing higher.

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