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Gymnastic Academy of Rockford Opens Ninja Warrior Course


Rockford's Gymnastic Academy has set the standard for excellence in tumbling and on the mat - now they're about to open a Ninja Warrior course, modeled after the popular television show.

The obstacle course comprises a large room at the South Campus near CherryVale Mall. Its grand opening is set for May 30th, the day after the Memorial Day holiday. The academy will have classes for the following groups and classifications:

-Junior Ninjas, preschoolers aged 3-5

-Ninja Kids, ages 6-11

-Ninja Warriors, ages 12 and over

-Team Ninja, qualifying class

Instructors at the center oversee all obstacles and classes. As the 13 Sports Authority personally found out, it's not for the meek. It's a challenging, but fun course!

"I like to see all ages come in and challenge themselves," says instructor Jamid Rodriguez.

"It's awesome because watching as a kid, you're thinking, wow I wish I could do that stuff," says fellow instructor Kyle Hoffman.

Now Northern Illinois residents can turn their America Ninja Warrior fandom into a new physical exercise and activity in their own backyard.

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