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ESPN Visits Little Cubs Field in Freeport


ESPN camera crews visited Freeport this weekend to film a Sunday Night Baseball feature to air on June 4 when the St. Louis Cardinals visit the Chicago Cubs.

Freeport Little Leaguers step right up to home plate at the tribute to the Friendly Confines, and they're about to step into the national spotlight when ESPN features the Wrigley Field replica.

"Little Cubs Field has proven that it's unique," says board member Denny Garkey.

"They put a lot of work into this beautiful field, we're honored to be Little League and be able to play on it," says Freeport Little League's Sarah Thies.

Little League has been a Pretzel City fixture since 1961. ESPN's cameras are now focused on Freeport.

"What was even better about it is they asked us."

Bringing all Cubs fans to the ballpark.

"Just to have people come in and other people in the neighborhood come out and see it, it's a joy for everybody," says Little Cubs Field board member Ken Warren.

They're out for a ballgame, watching the game's next generation.

"They realize how neat it is when they see the ivy growing that came right from Wrigley Field."

It continues a celebration that started in November.

"We asked them repeatedly over the years to do this for us," says Garkey of fellow Cubs' fans prayers, wishes, and hopes of a World Series victory.

"It's represented on the scoreboard now permanently," Garkey adds, noting that the 8-7 in 10 innings score is a fixture on Little Cubs Field, honoring the Game 7 decision that ended 108 years of watching, waiting and suffering.

It's victory cherished by families whose ties to the Cubs are tighter than others.

"Her name is Addison Clark Warren, she's going to be four in November."

That's Ken Warren's granddaughter, born into a world of a world champion.

"It's perfect, we couldn't have it any better."

The good times for Freeport Cubs fans keep rolling, with ESPN cameras capturing the community.

"It helps our community, it helps Little Cubs Field, it helps Little League. It helps this entire area because we're on the map now."

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