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More Illinois job seekers giving up job hunt


The job search can be a long, frustrating process. Sometimes it results in people completely giving up.

"I think we definitely see some of it, especially for some of the lower paying, high-turnover jobs," says Goodwill of Northern Illinois Employment Services Manager Chris Connors.

While that's happening less and less nationally, in Illinois it's a different story.

A recent study by Harris Poll found nearly half, or 44 percent, of jobless people in Illinois have stopped looking for a job. That's up more than 10 percent from 2015.

The reason may have to do with expectations.
"People are looking to make more of the $11, $11.50, $12 an hour job and going away from those $8.25, $8.50 an hour job," Connors says.

Connors says job seekers don't want to take low-level, low-paying jobs. But Connors says dropping out of the search entirely is a mistake.

"Better to take it than not take it. A lot of companies it's not easy to move up, but once you show what your made of, and do a good job, those opportunities for advancement do come," Connors says.

They are shocking numbers for people looking to place employees in new jobs.

"Very surprising to me, and something i don't understand, because we go home with open jobs every night," says Workplace Staffing Chief Operating Officer Jack Dylan.

Dylan says when employers used to bring him job openings he didn't have a problem filling them. Now, for the first time in nearly 30 years he's turning away employers because there aren't enough job seekers.

"There are enough jobs out there, people find jobs, especially people with a good work history, good references, things of that nature," Dylan says.

Turning Rockford into a market prime for those in the job hunt.\

Workplace Staffing says the job openings are across the board in Rockford, including a number of engineer and computer numeric controlled machinist positions.

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