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WREX Rock Stars: Caleb Goldsmith

Caleb Goldsmith Caleb Goldsmith
Caleb Goldsmith Caleb Goldsmith

This week, we have introduced you to some incredibly talented kids in the Stateline, including a singer-songwriter and a martial artist.  

Our third finalist is neither of those, and he is also more than half the age of the other two.  

Parents try to encourage their kids to find their natural talents. For some, it manifests over time, but Caleb Goldsmith's family found out as soon as their son could walk, he was ready to march to the beat of a different drummer.

Caleb is the fill-in drummer at the Christian Growth Center Church in Rockford.

"They think it's cute, so they let him play," his mother Tonysha says.

The cute kid playing drums with all the "big kids," is just 7-years-old.  

"He really enjoys playing drums, he plays everyday," Caleb's mom says. "He just has a passion about it. It's not forced."

Actually, Caleb's mom says the hardest part about her son's talent is that he never wants to turn it off.

"It gets on my nerves," Tonysha jokes. "It's annoying. But we're used to it. I have to put a time out on it. That's enough for the day."

Ever since he was little - well, littler - Caleb was beating whatever resembled drum sticks. Slowly but surely, that graduated into a big boy set of his own.

"He's always been fascinated with drumming. His father was a drummer for the church," his mom says. 

That was until his father couldn't anymore.

"He's a truck driver and he works every Sunday, so he just kind of took over when dad started working as a truck driver. Kind of like a family business," Tonysha jokes. "Yeah, he took his job."

How does it feel to Caleb to perform?

"It feels fun. It feels like I'm playing outside in the snow," he says. 

Caleb has never had formal drumming lessons. Aside from watching his dad play, Youtube has been his only other teacher.

We asked which videos he watches on Youtube. "Black church drummers," he says.

Why? "Because I'm black and they got skills."

And with his winning smile and positive attitude, Caleb's skills have everyone's attention at his church.

After meeting Caleb, Will and Adem this week, we found out the Stateline is full of incredibly talented kids.  

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