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Teacher of the Week: Elana Schelling-Tufte


At Olson Park Elementary School, Elana Schelling-Tufte's second grade class is like most. Eight year olds with plenty of energy. 

Schelling-Tufte said, "They are movers and shakers." 

Movers, shakers, and spinners of course. "They do love me even if I take their spinner away from them! Shelling-Tufte laughed. "But they do say when do I get that spinner back?" 

Nonetheless, a group that's eager to learn from a teacher who has a passion to teach them. 

Elana Schelling-Tufte is finishing her 15th year at Olson Park Elementary School. In that time, she has taught countless students but it's something that never gets old. 

Schelling-Tufte said, "One of my favorite things about being a teacher is seeing that light bulb click and their like, 'oh now I understand'."

She loves the strides students take at this age. 

"You really see a lot of growth from the beginning of the year when they are just really beginning to read and now their reading chapter books," Schelling-Tufte said. "And their writing paragraphs beautifully and it's just wonderful to see that progression." 

Her class is a place that students want to be. 

Second grader Hosam Anderson said, "She's really good at teaching. She teaches very easily and she's very good with kids." 

Second grader Addison Brien also said, "I know shes gonna be really nice and I'm gonna be in safe hands with her."

As the year comes to a close, it's that spirit Schelling-Tufte hopes her students will hold with them. 

Schelling- Tufte said, "I hope they remember having fun while learning. I hope they remember its okay to make mistakes because that's how we learn and I hope they continue to love learning." 

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