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Photos: Project Tornado


Every year, the 13 Weather Authority puts together an extensive education campaign called "Project: Tornado."

WREX meteorologists Alex Kirchner, Morgan Kolkmeyer and Viki Knapp will speak with area students about the power of severe weather and how to stay safe when nasty weather strikes.  Our goal is to have kids be "safe, not scared" when they hear about severe weather in their area.

Our visits to gymnasiums, auditoriums, and classrooms feature a documentary video produced by the 13 Weather Authority about tornadoes and severe weather safety, interactive demonstrations, and a question and answer session. Every student then gets to go home with a full-color booklet with valuable information to share with their friends and family, plus fun games to reinforce the lessons of the day! 

At the top of the page you will find photos from our visits. These will be updated as we stop by more schools, so make sure to check back!

WREX is very proud to have visited 45,000+ students with this course over the last 10 years, and we are hoping to add your school and students to the list!

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