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Teacher of the Week: Nancy Vodick-Mapes


At Maria Montessori School in Rockford, walking down the halls is a familiar place for Nancy Vodick- Mapes. It's a place she has known since she was just a kid. 

The special education teacher said Wednesday, "I went to school here as a kindergartener here at Marsh, when it was called Marsh." 

A different name is now on the building, but the memories are still vivid. "When I go to the gym I was like, 'oh my gosh'. Because the gym is really a place that really looks the same, said Vodick-Mapes. I was a cheerleader here and I just remember all the time I spent in the gym. Its really been fun." 

It's where her love for teaching started. As a student at Guilford High School, she would go to school in the mornings and in the afternoons she would come to Marsh Elementary to assist teachers in the classrooms. 

"I'd work with as a teachers aid with the teachers that had taught me. So after that I really wanted to be a teacher and that's the only thing I ever wanted to be," said Vodick-Mapes. 

Fast forward to today, Nancy is still in the same building but now she is teaching students with special needs. 

Principal of Maria Montessori Candice Collins said, "She has a variety of students from Pre-K up through 8th grade that she services. The kids think she's amazing." 

She works with student individually. Students who may need some extra attention in school. 

Vodick-Mapes said, "Every kids been very unique and very individual and I love that about the job. I get to meet those very special kids." 

This May Nancy will retire. It's giving full circle to the place she walked into as a child years ago. 

"Now I'm going to retire after 35 years of teaching and I'm back here at my old school," said Vodick-Mapes. "But it's just really fun that I got to retire and end my career back where I started as a student here." 

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