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VanVleet Cherishing Playoffs With Family


The constant thread in the fabric of Fred VanVleet's basketball career - playing in the presence of family.

That has carried through to the Rockford native's NBA career as a Toronto Raptors rookie, with loved ones in attendance in Milwaukee for Game 4 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs against the Bucks.

"They've been able to see a tremendous amount of games, high intensity games," VanVleet said in a one-on-one interview with the 13 Sports Authority.

"Their whole lives have changed," said Susan Danforth, Fred's mother, with her two youngest in tow in Milwaukee. "They just think all these big games are normal where there are people that haven't been to a college game."

"It's big for my little man, he'll be here watching," said VanVleet. "For him to see this at this young of an's been great for him."

VanVleet's Raptors beat the Bucks, 87-76, in Game 4, turning the first round matchup into a best-of-three, with Game 5 set for Monday night in Toronto.

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