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Construction underway for new Ogle County Emergency Operations Center


Ogle County's Emergency Operations Center is laying some new foundations. 

"It's kind of like the heartbeat when you have a disaster like the tornado we had or something or what happened at the nuclear plant, that is the center where all the information would go out from the fire departments or wherever," said Ogle County Board Member Don Griffin.

Those disasters are why emergency and county officials say they want an updated and permanent location.

"In the event of a disaster, we are at a very excellent location to bring in all our working partners together, and that's the whole community," said Emergency Management Coordinator for Ogle County Tom Richter. 

Renovations on the emergency operations center broke ground in late March at 510 Lincoln Highway in Rochelle... just in time for tornado season

"Historically, April, May, June, July are our busiest weather months, so to have a new center up and running during that time is a huge plus," said Richter.

Other government offices will also be  at the new center, including the county health department, a community clinic and probationary offices. 

"they were all over, and it gives us an opportunity to be centrally located and i think its an advantage to have a decent facility like this in the city of Rochelle.  

 The new center comes with a nearly $1 million price tag, a number county officials say is more than worth it in the end. 

"We'd prefer not to spend money when we don't have to, but it makes sense in the long-run and you try to make the best decisions for the future," said Griffin.

"We'll have a better platform to serve every citizen in the county," added Richter.

Ogle County officials say if construction stays on track, employees could start moving by early June. 

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