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Teacher of the Week: Mark Cassiere


If you measured the quality of a teacher by the amount of chalk on them, Mark Cassiere would be near the top. 

The Math and Science teacher at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy has his sleeves, shirt, and hands chalk-full of chalk. 

Cassiere said, "My mind is going faster than I can write on the board. I'm never looking for an eraser. I'm just wiping the board and wiping my pants." 

It's one thing that students know him for. "The kids someday will be like, I had this math teacher that was always covered with chalk", said Cassiere. 

A teacher memorable for chalk, but loved for much more. With less than 30 students at the school, he gets to make a personal connection with each one. 

"I like seeing them all everyday," said Cassiere. "It's small so every morning I'm like, hey how are ya? How ya doing? Have a good day." 

It's the little things that go a long way with students like Freshman Sara Fernandez. 

Fernandez said, "I live right across the street and he watches me walk home to make sure I get there safely everyday. Nobody's home when I get out of school so for him to do that, it means a lot." 

The father of two girls himself, it's something he doesn't think twice about. 

"Until they get into their parents car or Sara until I see her walk through that door, I'm still responsible for them," said Cassiere. 

A teacher covered in chalk, chalk-full of love for each of his students. 

"It's the little things. Sometimes if you focus on the little things the big things take care of themselves," said Cassiere.  

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