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ONLY ON 13: Family says Rockford Diocese turned children away because parents are gay


Kathleen Bloomfield still remembers the page where her photo is in her senior yearbook.

Her childhood was spent in the Rockford Catholic school system.

"I grew up Catholic. That's the only religion I've ever known," Bloomfield says.

So when she and her wife adopted their two sons, there was no question where they would be going.

"I didn't have a thought process. I knew where I wanted them to go to school. It was always St. Peter," Bloomfield says.

But when she called the school's principal to look at enrolling her oldest son, she got an answer she never expected.

Bloomfield says the principal at St. Peters told her that her kids weren't allowed to enroll. Bloomfield thought it was because of a wait list. She was wrong, the principal said it was because of their marriage.

"I don't understand how my children should be affected by who I am. I didn't think that was right at all," Bloomfield says.

"I think this was definitely a misstep in communication," says Rockford Catholic Diocese Director of Communications Penny Wiegert.

Wiegert says there was a failure in communication.

The church's policy is to meet with any non-traditional families before they enroll in the diocese.

"Some of these situations are indeed new to us, and while we want to be as understanding and inclusive as we can, we also have to remember, at the end of the day, what we teach," Wiegert says.

What the church teaches is that marriage is between a man and a woman.

"What we want to do is at all costs, for the child's sake, to avoid any moral or spiritual confusion that they may have, either in the school setting or at home," Wiegert says.

Wiegert says in this instance that wasn't communicated well.

For Bloomfield, the mistake has come at a toll.

"You have failed my children for no reason, anything that they did. They're perfect kids. Perfect. So they owe them an apology," Bloomfield says.

It's why Bloomfield says they will look for a new school to send her kids and a new church for her family.

Wiegert apologized to the family in an interview with 13 News. However, while Bloomfield says she her family received an apology from the priest at St. Peters, they did not receive one from the diocese. 

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