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Teacher of the Week - Bob Schweiger, St. Edward School

Bob Schweiger Bob Schweiger

For the past 18 years, Bob Schweiger has been a middle school teacher at St. Edward School in Rockford. 

"He's made our school just amazing," says St. Edward 5th grade teacher Karen Singer. "He has put just so much passion and love into the school." 

Through teaching 8th grade, coaching and building relationships, Schweiger says he wants to make an impact on the lives of middle school students.

"The biggest lesson is to believe in themselves," Schweiger says. "I think that's hard for kids now-a-days, especially middle schoolers; a lot of peer pressure." 

Teaching is a job Schweiger cares deeply about, and it shows to his students, some of whom see him as more than just a teacher. 

"He's a really good teacher. He's like my second dad," says 7th grader Yahir Hernandez. 

"The students enjoy him. They enjoy coming to his classroom each and every day," 5th grade teacher Karen Singer says. "They love seeing him." 

Students at St. Edward School love Mr. Schweiger so much that they all wanted to surprise him to honor his legacy at the school and award him the 13 WREX Teacher of the Week. 

But it was a bitter sweet day for Schweiger, as he will retire at the end of the school year. 

"Leaving here is kind of hard after 18 years, but St. Edwards is a good school. A lot of memories and a lot of kids have gone through here," Schweiger says. 

A special honor, for a teacher who made a lasting impact.

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