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Teacher of the Week: Emily Hachmeister


Emily Hachmeister is a family and consumer science teacher at Durand High School. She believes that not everything you learn in school is from a book. 

On Wednesday, the lesson that she taught her class was out a frying pan. Hachmeister said, "Food is life. Food is everything. The things that make us happy are usually food." 

The food lovers class was happy as she taught students how to make scrambled eggs. It's just one of the hands on skills students take away from her class. "Everyday life skills like sewing on a button, boiling water, doing dishes," Hachmeister said. "It's really important for them to have this information for their future careers and in life." 

Like a family sitting around the dinner table, that's how she wants her classroom to feel. 

"In this class, it's really that social aspect of how we work together to make something really good.  And when they do come together to make something really amazing they feel even that more proud of themselves," said Hachmeister. 

In her class, students get real world experience. They even run a cafe in one of her classes.

Hachmeister said, "We run a coffee shop called 'Cafe Paws'. The students do all the work from setting the menu, finding the recipes, the advertising, and marketing. They actually run the business." 

It's an atmosphere that students are drawn to like sophomore Grace Magana who said, "It's just really fun. We're always laughing and talking about everything we can. She's really comforting about everything. Really good teacher." 

Filling students minds, hearts and stomachs with knowledge that will last a lifetime. 

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