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Teacher of the Week: Stephanie Johnson


Kindergarten is an active age. A class full of six year old's constantly curious and on the move. 

Luckily for Stephanie Johnson's Kindergartener's at Keith Country Day School they have a teacher who can keep up. 

"The kids are the best part. They keep me going. They are the one's that make me do what I do everyday," said Stephanie Johnson. 

Johnson has been teaching at Keith for seven years. She found a passion for teaching way back when she was in Kindergarten. 

"I was born early," said Johnson. "So my parents had that battle and they were told that I wasn't going to amount to anything in life by my kindergarten teacher. I was struggling with reading writing and math." 

She struggled as a student until one teacher found potential in her. Now she looks to harvest that potential in each one of her students. 

"I've seen so many of those magical light switch moments for them and that's the best. That's the best ever for a teacher," Johnson said. 

Mrs. Johnson has sparked that passion in students and also parents who sent us at WREX pages of nominations on why they love Mrs. Johnson. 

Rebeccas Epperson's daughter Josie is in Johnson's class and she rallied parents to send in Teacher of the Week nominations in support of her. 

"Everybody came in and said absolutely I want to talk about her and how she impacts my child. Across the board she impacts every child differently and uniquely but still as strongly," Epperson said. 

Johnson going through the pages of nice words from parents and students said, "That's remarkable. To know that you are impacting people that way and working with their kids that way. Taking the time to show that, that's special." 

A special teacher making an impact in and out of the classroom. 

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