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Teacher of the Week: Jasmine Elkhabiry


Take a look inside Jasmine Elkhabiry's 2nd grade class and you will see her students imaginations churning. Eager hands pop up to answer her every question. It's a sight the teacher loves seeing, "I just love being here with them.  I love challenging them, seeing them work and their way of showing they are excited what they are learning just inspires me," Elkhabiry said. 

It's her passion for teaching that inspires students like Ejaz Khanqashi who said, "She's a really really good teacher!" 

The administration has also been inspired by her work in the classroom. Principal Huda Gahazal said, "I love to go do an observation in her classroom because I just walk out of there with... huge satisfaction." 

Elkhabiry knows that she can make an impact with even the little things in class for students. "I like to greet them at the door," said Elkhabiry. " I like to try to make them feel special because this is their classroom. This is their home for 7 to 8 hours a day." 

A teacher going on her 11th year at Rockford Iqra, countless students have been impacted by her teaching. "This teacher is doing so much to help these students to be lifelong learners and leaders," said Gahazal. "She addresses the whole child. It's not just about teaching information. She's teaching them how to be an up right person." 

It's an impact that has resonated among the whole school. 

"She's lit a fire in them at the 2nd grade level. I wish I had a million teachers like her," said Gahazal. 

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