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Beef-A-Roo celebrates 50 years in the Stateline


Famous for shakes, burgers and delicious cheese fries, Beef-A-Roo has been grilling up and dishing out favorites for 50 years in the Stateline. 

"It's always quality food. They make sure they have the best products of everything," said loyal customer, Sarah Padron. 

A fast food favorite, it's a must have for fans. "My sister lives in Pennsylvania and the first thing she does when she comes back to town is go to Beef-A-Roo," said Padron. 

People have been coming back for favorites like the beef and cheddar sandwich and gooey cheese fries. 

"Nobody has cheese fries like we do!" laughed fry chef, Brad Eckelbarger. 

It's been a Rockford tradition since the DeBruler family started it in 1967 when they simply wanted to own their own business. 

Today, Beef-A-Roo is still in the family, as the DeBruler children have taken over the business. 

"We are owned by a group of four siblings, which is kind of unusual," said part owner Melissa Pratt. "It's a lot of fun. You wouldn't think that four siblings would get a long but we actually do. Its pretty harmonious." 

It's a family in the kitchen that has created a family in the community as well. 

Pratt said, "Our community means so much to us. We all live here. Our kids went to school here. We think that it's important that we are giving back to the community that supports us." 

A staple in the community for the past 50 years, it's a true Rockford original. 

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