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Local students show off culinary expertise in team competition


High school students from across the area competed in a local culinary competition Tuesday morning at Vintage @ 501 in downtown Rockford.

A total of 27 culinary students from Harlem and North Boone high schools teamed up against one another to see who could create the best lunch dish. This is part of the Career Education Associates of Northern Illinois "Future Top Chef" competition. There are events taking place in both Rockford and Byron Tuesday and Wednesday.

13 teams each had 35 minutes to create a main course dish for four judges. The primary protein for the dish was chicken, but the students had access to a large variety of other ingredients to help make every dish unique.

The judges scored each dish based on factors like presentation, creativity and taste. Each judge privately scored each dish and the totals were tallied at the end to name a winner.  

The winners were a tandem from Harlem High School who created a scrumptious balsamic chicken sandwich with pesto sauce.

If you would like to see some of the dishes that were created by the students, you can take a look at the photo gallery at the top of this story. 

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