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Teacher of the Week: Melisa Meligan Riverview Elementary School


Walk into Melisa Meligan's 4th grade class at Riverview Elementary School and you will see her attire for 'mismatch day'. 

The first year teacher sports a mini pink tie, green tank top, burnt orange leggings, supported by a white and a black high heel on each foot. 

"I'm kind of known as the crazy teacher," laughs Meligan. "I actually get to come out of my shell and be a little crazy."  

A little crazy today but to her students, it's nothing new. "Well, I've gotten a little used to it," said 4th grader Kayland Watson. 

While Kayland has gotten used to her crazy teacher, her teacher has helped her grow to love school. "She's awesome. She makes everything fantastic and I usually don't like school, like at all. She just makes everything fun," said Watson. 

Making school fun, that's Meligan's goal everyday walking into the classroom. Meligan said, "It's so important. Yes, I want them to learn but they learn more when they are having fun." 

For Meligan, teaching is her passion. "My whole life I've wanted to be a teacher." 

Teaching, even when life isn't very fun. Earlier this year her student, Rosa, was diagnosed with leukemia. 

"That was very hard on me," said Meligan. "When she left and I knew she wasn't coming back to school, I knew that she needed me. That I had to step up and do everything that I can for her and her family." 

A full-time teacher and mom, she finds time after school to still teach Rosa. It's something she hasn't thought twice about doing. 

"That's part of my job. That's part of being a teacher. You just don't work a 9 to 5 go home and be done with it," said Meligan. "You are part of these kids lives and their families lives. So to me it wasn't even a question. I knew as soon as I heard she wasn't coming back I knew she still needed me." 

A 'crazy' teacher who is just as crazy about her students. 

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