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Brian Leggero prevails in Rockford's GOP mayoral primary


Longtime musician Brian Leggero outlasted challenger Pam Connell to secure the Republican mayoral primary.

Unofficial results form the City of Rockford show Leggero edging Connell by just 60 votes. He will now go onto face three new challengers in the April 4 general election, democrat Tom McNamara, and independents Rudy Valdez and Ronnie Manns.

Leggero, who is best known for his role in helping Cheap Trick get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is a political newcomer. The lifelong Rockford resident has been in the music business in the city for 26 years. But now, he says there's even more he can do for the City of Rockford outside of the music industry. 

Leggero says open communication is the best way to solve a problem. That's why he's vowing to bring police scanners back to public channels in an effort to reduce crime. Leggero is a self-described vigilante and says he was disappointed when Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea made the move to have the scanners go dark back in 2016. 

In another effort to reduce crime, he says he'll re-install streetlights that were taken down in 2011 in different parts of the city. 

He also says he'll do more to make sure there is a tighter leash on city budgets, even calling for forensic audits of city departments. 

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