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Teacher of the Week: Heidi Heilman


At Riverdahl Elementary School in Rockford, teacher Heidi Heilman spends the morning teaching her 3rd graders. The lesson on this day, cause and effect. Why something happens and the effect that it has. 

For the past 11 years, Heilman has had an effect on every one of her students. 

3rd grader Autumn Bristol said, "Usually when you get a teacher you're expecting her to tell you this and tell you that. But it's just been different this year." 

A difference making an impact on this 3rd grader. "She's a really nice teacher. I really like how she does all of her stuff." Bristol continued, "If we don't understand it, she will always put it into a little game to get us understanding more." 

Heilman makes even the tough subjects come to life. "In math we were doing dividing and it wasn't really easy." The third grader put her hands together and explained, "So she said spaceship here spaceship there. Put them together and you get this." 

 She exercises students minds and uses exercise to give their minds a break. 

Heilman said, "One of my favorite things is that we will do exercises in the classroom to kind of give their brains a break."

A Rockford Native herself, Heilman has a passion for the area, "This is where I live and grew up and came back to." 

She grew up going to Rockford Public Schools. Now she is making an impact in the community she's from. "They are phenomenal", Heilman gloats. "They brighten my day everyday. I love coming to work. They are a lot of fun, energetic, loving and caring." 

A lot of adjectives but not enough to describe the effect she has caused in her students education. 

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