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Frustration fills town hall as Sen. Ron Johnson doesn't show up

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Hundreds of Madisonians packed into the First Congregational Church downtown, holding a town hall to voice their concerns to Senator Ron Johnson. But, he never showed up and neither did a representative from his office. 

The gathering was put on by Invisible Madison after organizers say Johnson failed to set up a town hall during his February recess from Washington, D.C. 

"It's absolutely crucial to protect and strengthen our democracy, that our representative represent our voice," said Crystal Ketterhagen who helped organize the event. 

She says her voice has yet to be heard. That was the story for many who spoke at the town hall as they recalled trying to reach out to the senator but only got his voicemail. 

"It makes me wonder who they are answering. Who they are meeting with," Ketterhagen asked?

The town hall was streamed live on Facebook in hopes the comments and questions would reach Johnson. But although the congregation was supposed to stay respectful, the first man who spoke up claiming he voted for Johnson was booed off the microphone. 

Scott Grabins, the chairman for the republican party of Dane County called the town halls across the nation, political theater. 

"To say that we have to have this town hall so that they have an opportunity to voice their opposition, I think it overkill," Grabins said. 

He believes the constituents haven't given the new government enough time. 

"It feels, frankly, awfully early to be coming back and having real deep, meaningful dialogue on the issues," Grabins added. 

It's something the people at the town hall would not agree with. 

"If I didn't return calls from my bosses, I'd get fired and it really wouldn't matter how busy I was. You're supposed to make time for your bosses and in a representative democracy, we're the boss," said Ann Jamison, another organizer.

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