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Record warm stretch ends with a bang


A 6-day stretch of incredibly warm weather comes to an end after Wednesday, after breaking records left and right, and tying on of the top winter temperatures on record.

Rockford had a high of 70° Wednesday afternoon, tying the warmest temperature ever on record for all of winter. The only other time temperatures were in the 70's during the winter was on February 25, 2000, with a high of 70° on that day too.

The 5 days before Wednesday also broke daily temperature records, and the streak itself is the longest stretch of 60 degree weather in the winter, breaking a nearly 90-year-old record. Twice in February of 1930, there were 3 days in a row with highs in the 60's. The record is now 6 days after this stretch.

If temperatures reach at least the 50's on Thursday and Friday, this would tie the record for days in the 50's in a row in the winter.

Why are we getting so warm over this stretch? A combination of factors lined up perfectly to create the record-breaking conditions. Check out the 13 Weather Authority Blog, which highlights each of the ingredients needed for this incredible stretch of warm weather.

Colder conditions move back in for the end of the work week, and by the weekend wintry weather is back with highs in the 30's. Above average weather is likely to continue into March, though cold days may still pop up from time to time.

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