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Boone County Board considers new power plant


This eastern part of Boone County is home to miles of farmland but a plot located off of I-90 in Garden Prairie could soon be home to a multi-million dollar power plant.

The project was first brought to the board in 2009.

Eight years later, Power Ventures LLC is back with some revisions to its original plan.

The natural gas fired peaker plant would have three large turbines located in Garden Prairie.

It would be used on days that are extremely hot or cold, when people demand more energy than is available.

"You can't argue that when a business chooses to come to your county, that that is something that we are very anxious to report," said (R) District 1 Board Member Marshall Newhouse.

The plant could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the county.

Opponents don't disagree but they do have another concern.

"Although we want the project we think there are better places for it," said (R) District 3 Board Member Brad Stark.

Stark said the plant shouldn't be located in farmland area. 

"We have people who moved here thinking that this was going to be agricultural for quite a long time, because of there not being an industrial base in the area," Stark said.

But Newhouse said the location has an advantage.

"It is really an ideal spot being tucked up next to the I-90 corridor. I think the impacts with this very loud, and busy travel intersection, are going to be minimal based on its location," Newhouse said.

After off and on debate the past eight years, the plant's fate now falls to the county board.

The board will take a final vote on the project Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. 

13 News will update this story after the board meeting Wednesday night.

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