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Crews revive dog on scene of Iowa house fire


VINTON, Iowa - Officials say a fire broke out at a home in the small eastern Iowa town of Vinton early Monday afternoon. Crews reporting to the scene found no one home, but a dog in dire need of help.

Volunteer firefighter Rick Lazenby said he was entering the home from the garage when a sound caught his attention.

"We heard a whimper behind the kitchen door and we opened the door up and found the dog behind the door, just went out and started giving it oxygen and it come through," Lazenby said.

Video, sent to WREX sister station KWWL from a witness, shows the dog being worked on in the street with its owner helping. Lazenby said he thought the dog was dead but began giving it oxygen from his mask, using a technique he once saw on television.

"Then we started giving it some oxygen off my mask and one of the other firefighters took a Styrofoam cup and cut the bottom of it out, then stuck the nozzle in it and put that all over the dogs nose," he said.

At the same time, they had the owner squeeze the dogs chest and rub its stomach. It was all part of a technique Lazenby had never had the chance to try out, until now.

"I had no idea if it was going to work," he said.

A few minutes went by before the dog came to. Crews quickly took it to a vet to be looked at and the dog is expected to recover.

The owner declined to comment.

Vinton Fire Chief Gary McKenna said the cause of the fire is unknown but that it appeared that it started in the back porch area of the home before spreading to the kitchen.

Vinton is located about 30 miles northwest of Cedar Rapids. 

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