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Developers plan first home construction in Freeport since housing crash


The last time Freeport saw a new house built was back in 2008, with the exception of one by Habitat for Humanity. Now, there's a new effort to get rebuilding. 

"We've been a little stagnant for awhile, but things are starting to happen and I think this is a very exciting process," said owner of Choice Realty Anne Sadler. 

She's talking about a new project called Rose Ridge Development.

The city and Ambassador Homes are working together to build up to 30 new single-family houses on Freeport's west side.  

"This has been a longtime coming," Sadler.  

Choice Realty owns the vacant lots and says they've been sitting empty for years, just waiting for a developer to come along.

"We have the person who's willing to be the  first person to try this and i think that once people see that there is a market for new homes, i think we will be able to get new builders to come to town.

They've also got city support. This week, Freeport City Council unanimously approved a plan which means homeowners at these residents wouldn't pay property taxes for 3 years.  

"That unanimous support is an indication of how important we consider residential real estate development to go with all the commercial projects and all the other changes the city is making to retool itself," said Freeport Mayor James Gitz. 

It's also a way of bringing Freeport into the 21st century.  

That's because these will be 'Smart' Homes.   
In a Smart Home, owners can control everything from the lights and heat to the door locks with just a touch of their smartphone or tablet. 

"It's an extra little bonus that these homes will have and we don't have anything like that in Freeport," added Sadler.

City officials hope this kind of development will help spur future development over the next few years by bringing more builders back to the city of Freeport. 

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