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Whitman Post student spreads 'great gossip' at her school


Gossip can spread like wildfire, especially in school.

But at Whitman Post Elementary in Rockton, one 5th grader is using her words to spread positivity using "great gossip." 

Fifth grade student Sofia Korasick is a dreamer. "I want to be a journalist ... also study medicine... oh a country singer. Can't forget that!" 

The 11-year-old is not short on personality or things to talk about. 

"She's only quiet when she sleeps," says her mother Carmelina.  

That love for talking helped her spark an idea to spread gossip at her school.

"Gossip is usually not good, but we can make it good," Sofia says.

Throughout the week, she collects good news from students and during the morning announcements she gossips. It is a way for her to spread positive news to her friends. 

"You would think that it happened to Sofia the way she's shining about it, only to find out it's about another kids achievement that she's talking about," says Whitman Post Principal Megan Forsythe.  

A girl with a love for life has had a different journey than most kids. 

"She was born with something called Dandy-Walker Syndrome," her mother Carmelina says. "It was diagnosed when I was just five months pregnant. So part of her cerebellum never fully formed. She also had hydrocephalus, which is excess fluid in the brain." 

Those are conditions she has continued to overcome, with her spirit. 

"It's like a blessing in disguise," Sofia says. "It's cool because if everyone was the same and looked the same then it would just be boring." 

Sofia hopes that Whitman Post's great gossip spreads to other schools in the area.

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