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Teacher of the Week: Lewis Lemon's Michelle Manigault

Michelle Manigault Michelle Manigault

In Michelle Manigault's 3rd grade class, she spends the morning teaching math. While she teaches her students at Lewis Lemon Elementary school the basics of counting, they know they have a teacher to count on. 

Assistant Principal Vivian Kueter said, "She cares. She's always engaged with her children. She worries about them before school, 
during school, and after school." 

A teacher they can count on and bond with. Manigault's said, "We have to build a classroom family. Despite our differences and despite our backgrounds. That is the goal in my class that we treat each other and that it feels like a classroom family."

It's a place where students like to come. Kueter said, "They think of her like a second mom. She really nurtures them and encourages and supports them." 

It's that support that gives students the confidence to succeed despite what their background may be. "The neighborhood that we are in, sometimes kids come in and they haven't slept," Kueter said. "Some of our kids... don't know where they are going after school sometimes because some are homeless. It's just very important to be there for our kids. 

Manigault always finds a way to support them to strive to be the best teacher she can be. "All kids can do it," said Manigault. "All kids can learn. It's just finding what makes a kid click."

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