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Former homeless man returns to volunteer at Carpenter's Place


Troy Allen volunteers at The Carpenter's Place almost every day. 

"It feels so good to me and I'm retired now, so have nothing else to do but give back," said Troy.

But, you might not know that Troy used to be a client here. About five years ago, Troy suffered three strokes that left him homeless and without a job. 

"it was scary because I couldn't hardly walk, I couldn't hardly talk." 

After a year of struggle,Troy found Carpenter's Place. A Rockford organization that provides services for homeless men and women. In 2016, Carpenter's Place worked with more than 1,700 homeless adults and helped more 240 men and women secure stable housing. 

"Their whole life is looked at," said executive director of Carpenter's Place Kay Larrick. "They sit down with a case manager. They review where they've been, where they are now and where they want to go, and that plan is unique to everyone who walks through the door."

Within two months, Troy had a place to live and was on his way to recovery. 

"He was ready to rebuild his life," said Larrick. "We provided the tools and he used those tools to rebuild his life." 

Now he's sharing his experiences and helping others at Carpenter's Place. 

"I don't mind helping them, because I know how it is, because I've been there." 

And while Troy isn't a man of many words...

"I'm doing great now, I got my own place and I'm happy now," said Troy. 

...his smile brightens the halls of Carpenter's Place every day he volunteers. 

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