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Rockford candlemaker bringing positivity to the community


Monday was a busy day at the office for David Bieke. 

Bieke is in the business of candle making, and on this day he was finishing up a batch of blueberry muffins. Candles, that is. 

"That scent rocks by the way: it's a wonderful scent, " says Bieke. 

But finding the magical formula for these a popular aromas is something that Bieke says doesn't come easy. 

Bieke says that sometimes, "the best way to come up with something new is to mix something that would not go together." And that is exactly how he came up with another candle he was working on this week: bamboo, pineapple and sage. 

It took four months to master this unlikely trio, but Bieke says when burned it gives off a light, refreshing and pleasing smell, a sensation reflected in its name: the Rockford Positivity Candle.

Bieke added a message to the label of the candle that reads: "While there are endless possibilities for this city, you cannot have possibility without positivity."

It is a message that he hopes their customers will take to heart. 

The hope originally was to ignite a flame of change in Rockford, even if that means just changing the perception of the city. But now the purpose is much bigger. 

"We've donated the money to six places," Bieke says, including food pantries and homeless shelters, and every dollar made on the Rockford Positivity Candle goes right back into the community.  

"We're really small, and I don't make a million dollars, but it's a little more personable than putting a check in the mail," Bieke says. 

Bieke's candles can be found at Candle Crest on 20th Street. He says they have not yet decided what that money will go towards this year. Past recipients have included Carpenter's Place, the Rockford Food Pantry and MELD.  

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