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Central Illinois woman spends decades writing to the President


PEKIN, Ill. - In a quiet subdivision in Pekin, one woman has received a very special letter from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And while it's a memento by any means, it's just one of dozens that she's collected over her many years of writing the Commander-In-Chief.

"The first letter that I wrote,' explains Sheila Wilkinson, "I wrote two letters to President Kennedy."

Wilkinson has written to seven different Presidents and heard back from six of them directly -  including a few First Ladies.

Everything she gets goes into her collection. As she took me through decades of history, she recalled a bit about each piece.

"I remember Reagan, clearly," she says, "he was very much an actor."

Reagan, Carter, both Bush's, Clinton - but her favorite, and the one she's received the most mail from, former-President Obama. 

"I can tell with President Obama that he did read my letters because he answered the questions and it was his own personal thoughts."

Obama's signature dots all of the letters that Wilkinson's received - including his most recent letter to her, penned on January 16th of this year. She says it's her favorite. 

"He took the time to write to everyone who had written him over the years. And I've never seen a President do that."

Mrs. Wilkinson has said that she doesn't have any plans to write to current President Donald Trump, but she might write to Vice President Mike Pence because she agrees with a few more of his views.

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