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Teacher of the Week: Beth Stephans


Take a look at the door leading into Beth Stephans' 5th grade class at Alpine Academy and you will see her attitude towards teaching. Words building her students up to be thinkers, explorers and leaders. 

Take a look insider her classroom and you will see those words in action. 

"She is amazing!" gloats 5th grader, Olivia Harwood. "She is lovable and she's kind." 

She feels the same about them too. "They're great. I love them!" said Stephans. 

A small but close class. "I only have 6 (students) so it makes it great so I can work with each one individually," said Stephans. "I can work harder on some of the kids and a little bit slower on the others." 

It's that individual attention that brings them so close. "They're your kids. They're not my kids per say, but I am with them all day long. So I get to be with them and we learn and we laugh and we have a good time," Stephans says.

They have a good time but she pushes them to be their best everyday in the classroom. "That's what I expect out of my kids, the best," said Stephans. "They have to work hard and show me that they can do the work." 

Hard work is something that Beth knows a lot about. "I work three jobs: I work here full time, and I am a college student taking two courses at college," Stephans Said. 

She has no idea where she finds the time, but not matter what life throws at her keeps her students number one. "I got a lot on my plate," said Stephans. "But these kids are number one. All that matters is them." 

Setting them up for success whenever they walk out that door. 

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